Technology. when and where you need it

Event Communications uses the latest technologies for delivery of content. We are able to handle many different formats currently in use within the Audio & Video broadcasting industry.

Our systems employ 1+1 redundancy on key equipment, this allows us to minimise any outages caused by unforeseen equipment failure & enable continuity of service.

"Your only as good as your Back Up"

Our systems employ industry standard digital video/audio compression techniques including MPEG-2/SD & MPEG-4/HD (video).This allows us to distribute content using a variety of delivery methods.
Be it DVB-T, DVB-S or IP & incorporating fibre optic, coaxial, data or RF cabled/off air transmission,
Event Communications can engineer & install a solution that fits with your specific requirements.Using our DVB-T COFDM equipment allows delivery of HD quality digital television directly to each monitor.

Of particular interest to ECL is the use of fibre optic cabling at larger events.
This allows other comms providers to share the same common pipe to deliver Audio, Video, Phone, IT, Wi-Fi hotspots, CCTV & EFT-POS services to nodes within the event site.

We are also able to provide encryption of locally transmitted content, where non-secure transmission methods are employed. Security of content is often required by the Broadcast Rights Holder to guard against unathourised viewing & to maximise patronage of the event for organisers.