V8 SuperTourers NZ





Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
(Rounds 1 & 4 - 2012)

Event Communications worked with V8 SuperTourers NZ & Hampton Downs management along with other suppliers to provide & assist with comms requirements for the inaugural SuperTourers round held in February 2012 at Hampton Downs MotorSport Park. The SuperTourers returned to Hampton Downs for round 4 in June 2012; Event Communications again provided comms solutions & assistance. Prior to their return, the Audio PA system was upgraded with assistance from College Hill Productions.

Coaxial, fibre optic & copper data cabling was installed to allow Pit Garages, Corporate areas, Timing, Race Management & Media personnel connectivity to television (Race Feed/Timing) & internet services. Temporary Ruckus Wi-Fi hotspots were also installed to allow portable devices to connect to the timing computer & internet. A fibre optic/SDI video back-haul feed from OSB/ICAM was created to allow the live televised race feed to be viewed in apartments via the IPTV system.

Taupo Motorsport Park
(Fathers Day 400, Endurance Round 5 - 2012)

Event Communications was called in to provide assistance with IT & Television requirements.
We fired up our systems originally installed for the A1GP series raced from 2007 - 2009.
We also provided onsite support for management, race teams & media + other comms issues that arose.


Pukekohe Park Raceway
(Woodstock Pukekohe 500, Endurance Round 6 - 2012)

Event Communications (ECL) provided assistance with IT & Television requirements.
We installed a temporary television distribution system along pit-lane allowing teams to access live race & timing information.
ECL in conjunction with Ruckus Wireless installed a temporary Wi-Fi solution to allow V8ST Operations & Race Teams access to internet + other IT facilities.

If you want "Simply Better Wireless" contact Ruckus - www.ruckuswireless.com they are a very innovative & proactive company with numerous leading edge wireless technologies.
If you require a complete IT solutions/consultancy company, contact Jack Tan from Torque IP - www.torqueip.co.nz Event Communications has been involved with these two companies since the inaugural A1GP held in New Zealand from 2007 - 2009 & can highly recommend them.


Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
(Round 1 - 2013)

Yep, and again..

Thanks to Metalman (Clark Proctor) for sponsorship of the live race feed which we supplied through the apartments. Thanks also to V8ST's management, OSB & ICAM for the live edited feed - Awesome, love your work..